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new construction windows + doors

Whether you are a builder, contractor, architect or consumer, Inland Window and Doors’ new construction windows and doors will offer you a lifetime of worry-free operation, backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. Inland new construction windows and doors have been designed to offer contractors, home builders, architects and consumers all the options they need.

A distinct blend of architectural design features are available to enhance your home’s appearance. Whether you are looking for a traditional colonial casing or a more modern architectural shape, our new construction windows and doors are manufactured to meet or exceed your local building code. Our high energy efficient glazing systems meet Energy Star requirements and are approved by the Department of Energy for maximum efficiency.

How Long does it Take to Get New Windows Installed?

Replacing your windows is one of the easiest home improvement projects you can do. Installation often takes just one day. One of our sales staff will take the measurements, provide you with a quote and then order your windows. After final measurements are taken and your order is placed, your new windows will usually arrive within four to eight weeks depending on the type of windows ordered.  We will schedule the installation date with you as soon as they arrive.

How important is a Warranty?

The vinyl replacement windows we carry offer a Lifetime Warranty on the product to the original purchaser of the windows. This is important as service issues can and do come up down the road. It is important to purchase windows from a company that not only has a Lifetime Warranty, but who honors the warranty. All the vinyl manufacturers we carry do just that.